Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tutorial: How to Sew a Side Seam Pocket

With the exception of the Simplicity 1061 sew along (which I am neck deep in the middle of), it's been a while since I've posted a tutorial so I figured it was time to address our baggage needs. We all carry a cell phone these days and where to put it is always the question. My bra, at least, was not made to take care of this need, so why not put pockets in everything? No more undressing to answer a phone call! I like that.

As part of the sew along, I've made a pocket pattern to go into our skirt.

1. Down load the pattern by clicking on link below. Cut 2 from contrasting or fashion fabric. Though not as strong, you may choose to use lining fabric too. Being limited by page size, this pattern and opening are small, but big enough to house your phone. If you'd like to enlarge your pattern, lengthen the pattern about 1 inch below the notch.

Find the full size pocket pattern on this page:

2. With right sides together, pin the pocket to skirt front and back at the right side seam. Remember that the left side seam has the zipper, so only one pocket on this project.

3. Sew to side seam using a 3/8" seam allowance

4. Press pocket and seam to outside.

5. With front and back side seams and pocket edge matching, sew as directed on the photo. 

6. Press pocket to skirt front. Baste at upper edge. Complete your skirt as directed in the guide.

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  1. The side seam pocket is not found. Can you make it available? thanks


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