Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best Learn to Sew Videos

It's fall again, and it's back to teaching. This term it's two sections of "Fashion Sewing for Beginners" which focuses on learning the basic techniques used in fashion sewing. It's a 3 hour class, lasting 9 weeks, so you know it's not a class for those without determination, and preparing for class is a huge task. Every class I share a demonstration of several techniques and then everyone spends some time at the sewing machine practicing. I ask students to keep these practice samples in a notebook so they have an example ready and handy.

For me, of course, creating these samples again and again every year has produced quite a large pile of samples! I feel wasteful, just throwing them away, but I can't show "how to" by showing a finished sample. Thankfully, Threads magazine has created a list of videos showing "how to" do these very same samples! Their series is called "Teach Yourself to Sew." I've seen many of them, and find them to be excellent. If you are just learning to sew, or are teaching someone to sew, I highly recommend them. They are clear, concise, easy to see, and to the point.
Click the link below to watch this first video on choosing equipment, or scroll down the hyper linked page to choose a different video to watch:
Teach Yourself to Sew: Equipment 101 - Threads

Thank you Threads! You make my job so much easier!