Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's a Fit Model?

I put an ad craigslist to find a new fit model, and luckily it worked! The first time I tried it some years ago, I got one reply - And she wasn't even close to the right size. It's unfortunate, but the economy probably has something to do with my success. All kinds of women, and even men, applied for the job. Some were desperate for work, others were looking for the kind of fame that people associate with modeling, some just wanted an easy dollar and figured it would be quick and painless. Some who applied had experience, but most did not. Some were older, most were younger. Most were too thin, and all were pretty. Being a fit model isn't that glamorous. It's simply a person that has the measurements and body type that I want my clothing to fit. Many said that they were exactly the measurements I wanted. I set appointments and measured a steady stream all week long, and into the next. At the end, there were three that came within a 1/2". One had the right body type. Wow, that was scraping by!