Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pattern Close Out Sale

The first thing to do once the decision is made to start a business is to think of a name. Right? Well, I brainstormed and asked my family for suggestions of course. I love vintage, so Nostalgic seemed like a good choice, but apparently I was wrong. After about a year of heavy use, it was clear to me that the name was just not going to work out. No one understood the word, or seemed to know how to spell it. For others, it had a negative vibe to it, even if vintage style has become popular.

Now the problem is, I have a few patterns printed that have the Nostalgic logo on them that I need to get rid of. My solution is to sell them at 40% off, which is only $6. There are only a few left, and time is limited. Everyone has until December 8, 2009, at which time the site will go offline and I'll say goodbye to Nostalgic forever.

Please, give these orphan patterns a good home!