Monday, February 8, 2010

Recommendations and Reviews

This month, Katie, who won a pattern in last months pattern giveaway, blogged about her experience sewing up the Sew Chic Myrtlewood design, and then wrote a review of the pattern on Pattern Review for other sewers. She offered up a good recommendation because she had a great experience putting this pattern together, and the pattern fit her really well with minimal alterations (this IS everyone's ideal!). Thanks for the nice review, Katie. (I want you to know that there was NO bribery involved!)

Pattern Review is a good source to find recommendations for everything from books to patterns to sewing machines. Because time and money are almost always in short supply these days, reviews and recommendations can come in handy. Don't we all like to read a review before deciding on a movie to see, or ask for recommendations before using an auto repair service?

Recommendations are a powerful thing. Depend on the fact that your comments will most likely impact someone's decisions. When taking a recommendation keep in mind your own needs and limitations. I had a student who bought a 4 thread serger completely based on online recommendations, and then didn't know what or how to use it once it came in the mail. She may very well have bought a quality machine, but I think she didn't count on having to teach herself how to use it. Perhaps the price of buying it at a local store where she could get training on how to use her machine may have been worth it. Otherwise, one day I might find her ad on craigslist. Sewing enthusiasts love to buy these machines offered up at a deep discount!

I get questions all the time asking for sewing machine recommendations. Would it surprise you to know that I like the old metal machines better than the computerized plastic ones? In quilting and crafts, it may be useful to have 242 stitches (an exaggeration, I know) plus sew sideways, but I know from experience that I would rarely, if ever use them. It's technology that clutters the main purpose of my machine and keeps the cost high. Other than that....I have no recommendation :-). Do you?