Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food for Fashion

Jessi models #9
Last Saturday was the finale to months of planning and fitting models for a benefit fashion show in Keizer, Oregon called Food for Fashion. The producer of the show, Sylvia Ions did a fabulous job putting a show together that had all the trimmings. In an all volunteer show, she made sure that there was something for everyone. Everyone got some kind of publicity, but the best part was that the proceeds went to the Keizer food bank. A couple of model mom's suggested we do this again, perhaps for the Philomath Food Bank, which is always hurting for supplies and money.

Doing a fashion show really is fun, though it is a lot of work. I had several models drop out on me right before the show, and even had a model not show up the day of the show, but someone was ready to fill in where they could. A hair dresser didn't show up, so Kimberly Morris, one of the models took over as hair dresser too. This is the best in humanity.

I like helping women look their best, and so for me, this is like playing barbie dolls with real women. I give them a new look every time I dress them!
Kim models 5th Avenue in Gold