Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2018 Sewing Retreat in Florida -Early Bird discount ends Jan 5

Happy New Year to you, my dearest sewing friends! 2017 was quite the year for me. Many many set backs, but also many new adventures, and the launch of my new sewing retreats has definitely been a highlight of the year! 


At the encouragement of my FaceBook sewing group, I put together a fall "design school" to take place in nearby Portland Oregon last year. I admit I was nervous. I'm used to walking into a group of people, unassembled by me, and teaching for a few hours, but a few days? What if I can't find adequate support services? What if no one comes? What if I don't like it?

We teased about being the class "remnants"

 The Experience

The first day, everyone was a bit reserved with each other as we jumped into class time with a video and a launch into a lesson on everything you ever wanted to know about fabric names, fibers and weaves, interfacing types, and construction considerations....
for me, it feels a bit like an expo event, up early and in bed late, trying to squeeze the very most out of every minute of every day. Our energy slowed as the event drew to a close, but by the end of the third day we were chatting about family, and life, and planning visits with each other.


I'm really excited about the retreat this year in Melbourne Florida!

 For me at least, being SO close to the beach and the lovely weather in April is a BIG bonus. This year I am keeping the same format, but the focus will not be so much on design and pattern making (as it was last year), but on fitting and expert sewing technique.


♥ Wednesday Evening Meet & Greet kick-off
♥ 18 hours of Instruction with a focus on fit and professional, efficient construction and technique
♥ Make 1, take all 3 Mix & Match pattern sets for a multitude of sewing options
     - 3 Fitted Bodices (darts, princess, and midriff seam)
     - 3 Sleeve options (set in, raglan, and kimono sleeve)
     - 3 Skirt choices (pencil, circle, and flared)
♥ Individual Fitting, Expert Instruction
♥ Catered Lunch Provided by Boutique 4 Quilters. Some foods provided may contain gluten, dairy, or other allergens.
♥ Additional 9 hours of help and Sewing Time with Evening Sit & Sew from 5-8pm
♥ Sewing Machines Provided (or bring your own!)
♥ Optional Friday night group dinner at nearby restaurant
♥ Group "vintage girl" photos
♥ Limited enrollment
♥ Additional Store discounts
♥ Optional Daily transportation to and from store from Melbourne All Suites Inn **
♥ Vintage Girl Facebook Group Invitation
♥ Create new sewing friendships


An early bird discount of $680 is offered with payment in full on or before January 5. Registration between Jan. 5 to March 1 is  $745. A minimum deposit of $300 holds your space.

A note about pricing-

Some of you may wonder if this is perhaps an inflated price. The cost for each retreat is based on the actual expenses for that area. I respect that we all work hard for our money, so I do keep costs as low as I can get it. I would like it to be affordable for everyone!  To put this issue into a professional perspective, consider that the average cost for 1 college credit (15 hours of instruction) in the USA is $594. Our time together will nearly double that, and you can skip all of the general study courses!

Before and After

As the event gets closer I will send out a group survey that will help me understand your needs. We don't have time for everything, so this way I can personalize the flow of information so you get the most vital instruction you're looking for. After the class is over, I'll invite you to join the "graduate class" FaceBook group for easy follow up with me.

Rita's Review from 2017

 "Thank you for a great three days!  I'm so glad that I decided to follow my impulse and sign up for the workshop.  I feel like it was completely worth the trip.   I was so hoping that my patterns would arrive intact and they did!  Next I just need to follow my notes and put them on some sturdier tag board.  I really got out of it what I wanted to learn.

In 1990 I read through my friend's flat-pattern making method book in college  but I was following a different course of study and I didn't really figure it out by looking.  In those years I could sew up any pattern and cut 3 inches off the bottom and it fit perfectly.  For several years on and off I would try to learn about pattern making but my career, then babies +  career left time for little else.  Of late, I've had more time to return to the topic.  These three days have advanced my efforts considerably!  Some of the things that were always mysterious or confusing became clear to me. I had several "aha moments!"  Between all of my notes, the handouts and the patterns themselves, I am ready to move forward with greater confidence and knowledge.  It was a pleasure meeting you and the other ladies!  Thank you!" 

 Ready to give it a try? It's definitely an experience you cannot get any other way, and you will likely cherish the memories (and advance in knowledge) for a lifetime. At least I know I will!


Have a great sewing day!!