Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Valentine Pattern

So today was a good day for me. Here it is, the week before Valentines Day and I met my deadline! Several months ago I decided to design something in the lingerie category with the goal of getting it off the press before February 14- and I did it! I named this design Valentine for this very reason. It's been posted to Etsy, and will soon be online at the Sew Chic site.

At first I had BIG plans. So many  different slip versions, camisoles, tap pants, bras...all swimming around in my head. But then reality always sets in and I have to scale back to fit my reality. (In my head, it's so quick and easy!).

You might say- what a slow poke! You had SEVERAL months! In my defense, I have to tell you that I don't work on just ONE thing at a time. I work on several designs, which are all at different stages of the process. Sometimes I have to set a project aside just to give some perspective and distance. When I come back to it, I either have forgotten what I meant to do(?), or I have more clarity (!) What can I say? I'm a perfectionist. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

But I digress- so after some research I discovered that slip patterns are so very hard to come by, and those that are out there are rather basic in design. Us girls want to be frilly and pretty and feel like a beautiful woman underneath our outer shell! On second thought- do us girls even wear slips under our dresses? Well, I do. Whatever you do with your slip is YOUR business, and I'll leave it at that!

You do get two views with this pattern. Pictured here is view A. You can buy this pattern named after the holiday for love at:


Here are links to a few sources for highly recommended lingerie materials:

Lace Beauty on Etsy has gorgeous laces and trims of the wide widths that you'll be looking for. 
 Ebay seller Rolandah has very good quality 108 wide tricot- enough to make 2 slips from one length of fabric!
Ebay seller: Rolandah

You will see Needle Nook at many of the sewing expos and conferences too. Additionally they have bra kits, and are a great phone mail order source for those of you who like to talk to a real person!

Needle Nook Fabrics
2174 E Boulevard Plz
Wichita, Ks 67211