Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Shorten a Bodice Pattern

 Get out your ruler and a good sharp pen, pencil, or marker.

Draw two parallel lines, the distance apart being the same distance you would like to shorten the bodice by. Make sure your new lines will be perpendicular to the grain line. In this case, that is center back. How much to shorten? Subtract your actual back waist measurement by the back waist measurement listed on the pattern for the size you are making. If your back waist measures 16" and the pattern is made for 17", then make your parallel lines 1" apart.

Create a fold along the bottom line be folding the pattern under, just temporarily.

 Now unfold and bring that bottom line up to match the top line, creasing the pattern for an exact match.

Pin or tape in place. Notice that the side seam and dart lines now have a jog in them. Those need to be corrected. Place a ruler along this line, matching each end of the ruler with the end points of that line. Draw a NEW cut/sew line. This new line should run between the jags. This is called TRUE, or truing the line. Now alter the front pattern pieces in the same way, shortening in the same location as  the back.

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