Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Come see Me: Rocky Mountain Sew Expo

It must be true that one thing leads to another, and that's how I got mixed in with the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo (at this late date) coming up July 11-13 in Denver, CO. I am actually quite excited to visit the Capital city of Colorado, whose state motto is "Nil Sine Numine" - interpreted as "Nothing without the Deity".  What a lovely motto compared to Oregon's:  "She Flies With Her Own Wings."  It goes quite nicely with my own simple, yet non-Latin motto: "Keep on Sewing"...and  I plan to help you do just that while I'm there at the Denver Merchandise Mart (with free parking!) The Expo officially runs Thursday through Saturday, but I get to share with you two of my favorite topics in a special pre-expo class on Wednesday afternoon and another class on Saturday morning. (Don't miss the special offer at the bottom!)

I don't care what your figure, there is nothing more beautiful than a well fitting bodice- and if it has that lovely vintage look, then it's a truly winning combo!

The Vintage Bodice  $46 - #WW-8
Wednesday July 10 1:30-5:30

Skill Level: Some sewing Experience

Do you wish you could cut a pattern from a newspaper just like grandma did?  Using the same methods, we will cut, sew and then perfect the fit of a basic 1950’s bodice using a printed (or self-drafted pattern).

Learn how to adapt this pattern to copy the vintage looks you love! Using ½ size practice patterns, we will also make collars, facings, linings, yokes and more. Kit includes the basic full size pattern, 1/2 size pattern, and pattern  paper to be used in class, and directions for drafting sleeves, a gathered and circle skirt so you can finish off your dress in style!
Kit fee $25 paid to the teacher in the classroom
Please wear a quality bra and light t-shirt/tank top for fittings!
Bring to class:
  • Sewing machine in good working order
  • 1 ½ yards of quality muslin fabric
  • fabric marking pencil
  • seam ripper
  • tracing wheel
  • dressmakers carbon
  • highlighter
  • paper scissors, fabric scissors
  • straight pins
  • measuring tape
  • scotch tape (magic tape is best)
  • clear C-thru ruler, with grid (like a quilting ruler)
  • thread
  • mechanical pencil
I LOVE fashion and sewing history. In class I will tell you why. You might be surprised at what you will learn!

 A Pattern for History  $8 #SS-60
Saturday July 13 9-10am

Are you in love with vintage patterns and want to learn more about them? Do you know why most patterns are not printed?

Learn something about the culture they were made for and what you can expect from these flea market finds by general era from the 1920’s to 1980’s and discover how they differ from modern patterns in terms of fit, sizing, technique, and pattern information.

Q & A at the end.

Order classes here: 

I want to see some vintage going on in Colorado!

Special Offer: Come to the show wearing something you have made from one of my patterns. Visit me in booth #422 and get 30% off one pattern of your choice.

Learn more about the show: http://rockymountainsewexpo.com/

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