Monday, June 4, 2018

Sew Chic Pretty Petticoat Sew Along LN1208

If you are following along with me on Facebook, my main social media outlet, you probably already know the Pretty Petticoat Sew Along has been on the horizon for a while. It's such a basic piece in my wardrobe, I have no idea how anyone lives without one! If it's been a while since this wardrobe staple has been on your sewing list, now is the time to pull out the ruffler foot! This cute little video shows the difference even a moderate petticoat can make:

Though a petticoat can do wonderful things for your figure, it can be most miserable to wear if not  designed correctly. Elastic waists create a thick and bulky waistline and allows the petticoat to sag below your skirts. Many are one layer, creating uneven shaping around the body, and that netting next to the skin is itchy and uncomfortable. Not the kind of day I want to have!

With these problems in mind, I designed my pattern for maximum comfort and shaping:
  •  The fitted yoke eliminates all bulk where we don't want it, and creates a smooth line at the waist. No possibility of sagging!
  • Two layers of ruffle allow for an even and desirable shape, creating that perfect full "A" line that is comfortable to wear with every-day clothing too.
  • First ruffle layer next to the skin is a firm but comfortable fabric.
  • The Second outer ruffle should be Nylon Petticoat netting from the bridal section of your fabric store, not costume netting. Quality netting can be washed with no loss of firmness.
The Pretty Petticoat is available in both paper pattern and downloadable PDF

 This sew along is brought to you compliments of my fantastic group volunteer leadership team who has generously shared their valuable time, skills, and talents to prepare and then guide you.  Thank you TEAM, you are the BEST!  These posts will be follow up with LIVE broadcasts (which become video you can watch also at any point), photos, and interaction in the facebook group. For the full experience, or to ask questions about your project, join us there:

So are you ready to get this party started??  Without further ado, Rebekah Rodriguez will lead you through week 1 from the schedule above:

Getting Materials Together:

Cutting Fabric & Selecting Tools

See you NEXT week!


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  1. I see I forgot to add fabric prepping the interfacing. Since we are using a cotton woven, just soak it in warm water and use a bit of laundry soap. A small bit. Rinse it out and let it air dry :) This is the best way to preshrink and prep the interfacing before using:)


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