Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Looking Forward to 2016 and Printable Calendar

A Gift for You

Last year was a great year for me! Because I owe so much to you- your friendly communication, your unquenchable enthusiasm, and  endearing support- I have a gift for you!

Sew Chic 2016 Calendar
Click the photo above to download your 2016 calendar to hang in your sewing room, office, or where ever you want to think fashion.  Set your printer to duplex (or duplex manually) to print, fold, staple, and hang! A big "thank you" to my illustrator, Dori Stark, who worked really hard on every new illustration for this year. You can also download this calendar from the front page:

 Expo in February

 I'm really excited to be heading to Puyallup Washington to teach and vendor at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. I took last year off, giving up my really great booth of three years (#928) but this time you can find me across the isle at #933! You will find my booth next door to, and mixed in with Susan Kennedy of the Smuggler's Daughter Fabrics  who will be attending/vending at this show for the very first time. Some of my newest creations (and old favorites) will be made from her fabrics, and we hope this will be an eye catching and inspiring combination for you! Be sure to sign up for my classes, expo producers thinks the Etsy class will be very popular. Either way, do stop by my booth to chat me up and suggest a topic for next year. Come show me what you are doing!

More Designs for Simplicity 

Are you surprised they haven't given up on me? Thanks to you, the dress I did for Simplicity last fall was a financial success for them, and this year I will have two more designs coming, but can't announce anything specific until the the patterns head for the stores (we can't alert the competition!). What I CAN say is that my samples for photography came out GORGEOUS. I spared no expense, spending about $800 on the fabrics (most when to one outfit). I have never spent that kind of money on a garment before!  Betcha can't wait to see that!

Would you spend that kind of money on a project?

Have a great new year! Cheers everyone!



  1. I just got my SewExpo tickets, and I'll be in the throng for the Vintage Patterns on Thursday. Would not miss it for the world.
    I tried to spend that much money on my wedding dress, or I thought I would. Nope, not even close. I'll be as curious as the next about that.

  2. I'm very excited for you and excited to see your new patterns with Simplicity!


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