Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing Mistakes and Seam Line Accuracy

Which is more important: Fit or Quality? Personally, I like both, but if I can only choose one- fit gets my vote every time. When you and I choose a size from the back of the envelope, we trust that it will fit those measurements reasonably well.  

Getting the intended fit also depends upon our ability to cut the pattern with accuracy. The goal is to to have the fabric to match the paper shape as exact as is possibly. With multi- sized patterns, lines go this way and that and it's easy to get tangled up in them.  I promise, checking the size marks and using a highlighter to carefully follow the cut line before it ever touches fabric or scissors can really  avoid trouble, but I know you get in a hurry like I do and this ONE time you decide to take a short cut... and then cut along the wrong size line.
Since we use the cut line to find the sewing line, we've got a problem. See that solid line (our cut line type) to the right along the pencil points? Yup, that's the one. The numbers at the end indicate the progression in size...and we are now shy about 1/4", and that's 1/2" we've just shaved off our waist and hip. Not only that, but it won't properly fit together with the other pattern pieces either. Luckily, we still  have a little bit of seam allowance to work with.
With fabrics wrong sides together, put two pieces of dressmakers carbon, color side to fabric, between your pieces along that wavering line.
Use a ruler or a gauge to mark the sewing line with a tracing wheel 5/8" to the inside of the cut line.
 Yup! The line tapers a little, but I have about 3/8" left right here.

Now I need to match that mark to the seam line of the corresponding pattern piece and I'm ready to sew along that mark. Whew! So glad I caught that now because I know how much trouble it will save me down the road. AND I know I'm going to like the fit.! Happy Sewing!

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  1. Good information! I have made just exactly that mistake before, this was a much easier way to solve the problem! Not eating for a week to get into the smaller size didn't work..... {joking}


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