Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sewing Indie Month- Enter to Win!

Tomorrow (June 4) the last day to post your creations and enter to win a whole boat load of prizes. If you have completed a Sew Chic pattern (or from any of the sponsoring designers) this month (May 1-June 4), all you need do is post the project photo somewhere on the web- in a blog post (of your own, or even a friend!), on patternreview, or Kollabora (maybe pinterest and photobucket don't count?). Align it with one of these categories and link your project back to the post of the category leader:

Dressed to the Nines (Formal wear)
Laura of Lilacs and Lace

Everyday Casual (Casual wear)
Jenny of Cashmerette

An indie Love Affair (two or more patterns combined)
Wanett of Sown Brooklyn 

Patternhacking (reworking a single pattern)
Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life

Click the links above to see the entries so far. Dressed to the Nines and Indie Love Affair have the fewest entries (11 and 8). It's disappointing that there are no entries to represent Sew Chic, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. There is still time!


  1. My girls made your Southern Belle pattern for prom. They added their pictures today. We loved the pattern. Thank you.

  2. I finished my Fifth Avenue well before May 1st, so I just don't qualify! I finally got photos in May, but that's not really the same thing.....


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