Saturday, June 7, 2014

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Ghidossi

The "Party Like a Rock Star" was the name of the sewing and design challenge this year hosted by the Independent Pattern Company Alliance, sponsored by these nine pattern companies:

Voting through the IPCA facebook page for the "People's Choice" award for each company has just closed. Winners will be announced in just a few days, on June 10. Winners will receive $100 in product from their sponsoring company, and go on to compete for grand prizes donated by Coats, Reliable, and Babylock. 

I received a total of 5 entries for this contest. I was impressed with the quality and creativity of the entries, but only 2 photos were required, and that doesn't always tell the whole story. Because it was a very manageable number, I asked all contestants to send me their garments. Only 3 could become semi-finalists, but I knew that every entry deserved our attention, so I spent an afternoon taking photos so that I could show you the workmanship and detail in a uniform way. For the next month I'm going to share these entries with you, along with any comments that the contestant may have given me to share.  

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Ghidossi

Stephanie did a beautiful job re-inventing the Valentine Slip view B,  #LN1207. She said that "Burning Man" was her inspiration. Stephanie paired three different fabrics, pleather, charmeuse, and chiffon to create this completely reversible design. She did a great job of incorporating the peacock design of the fabric, and invented a really clever way of lacing the ribbon. I didn't dare untie it for fear I would not be able to put it back. Stephanie has been sewing for only 3 years! Enjoy!

 Her design was based on this pattern:
Get your pattern here:

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