Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ana Stepalica and Rhonda Buss

 This is my lucky week! Today I get attention from Ana of Stepalica Patterns; she has published an interview with me that we did some time ago, AND today, Rhonda begins her "hack" of the Myrtlewood pattern. Links following, but so as to not distract you just yet, let me tell you just a little about my experience with Ana.

For Sewing Indie, we all saw a list of participating designers and was asked to choose 3 or 4 companies that we wanted to work with. I did not know any of the designers personally, and some of them were so brand new they had just barely published their first pattern. We knew that we would not necessarily be paired with those on our list (they had to choose us too!), but lucky for me, the one designer that I chose that picked me also was Ana Stepalica of Stepalica patterns. Let me tell you why she was one of my picks.

Without knowing anything else, here is what this design (her first) told me about Ana:
  • Jumping right in to the advanced sewing market (which is a small sector), we know she is brave and has no fear. Even I was not willing to do that!
  • The complexity of the design tells us that she has skill and is detail oriented.
  • This fabric is not easy to work with. She is patient and careful- even exacting.
  • The tried and true classic silhouette is timeless and traditional yet...
  • not boring. She is cleaver, creative, and innovative.
  • The look is very international- it turns out she is from Serbia.
These are all the things that are important to me also, and immediately I feel a kinship with her. At that time, I did not know that she is also a writer for Sew News Magazine. She writes, she sews, she's creative. Sound like a winning combination for a pattern company to me! Now that I've had a chance to get to know Ana, I KNOW she is all of these things and so much more!

The prices of her downloadable patterns are very reasonable too. I love her Zlata skirt! Take a look at what Rhonda Buss of Rhonda's Creative Life did with this skirt:

Read more about her making of this skirt here:

This week Rhonda has begun her "hack" of the Myrtlewood pattern:
 It's proving to be VERY interesting. She's got my attention! 

And of course, you don't want to miss Ana's interview with me.
It's your reading list for the week.

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