Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Expos and Sewing Competition Update

I have failed. My New Years resolution to post every week has gone by the way side, and thus my ability to stay on my posting theme and schedule. I guess when it comes to priorities, blog posts are definitely below travel schedules, good customer service, and getting shipments out on time. On the plus side, I'm still here and will post as I can- so I guess that means back to my usual. That's not so bad, is it?

This Spring has been very busy with the Sewing and Stitchery Expo and International Textile Expos right on top of each other. Last year I brought all of my gowns, so there wasn't room for decoration, so this year I went all out to fancify (is that a word?) my Expo booth, setting up with mannequins and risers and such. My car was packed to the gills with all this stuff.
A few weeks after this show, I went to Las Vegas, NV for ITE. At this wholesale market, we IPCA members put on a fashion show, making our patterns with vendor fabrics. It was exhilarating to be back to the fashion runway!
This is Constance in Rayon Challis from Mike Canetty Textiles

The Spin Skirt and Victory Jacket is so adorable in this Embroidered Gingham from Richlin Fabrics.
Other designs were made from fabrics from C&C's  http://www.candcfabrics.com/, and Mond Tex International http://www.mondtex.com/.

Now it's time to think about the IPCA Sewing and Design Challenge called "Party Like a Rock Star." I used to compete in design competitions, so this challenge is near and dear to my heart. I enjoyed them so much, not because I am competitive, but because they would make me stretch my skills and really think about the potential of my idea. In fact, Fifth Avenue was a prize winner in one such competition.

To enter, all you need do is choose a pattern from any of the IPCA members' pattern collections (mine included) and make something that could be interpreted as "PARTY"...and I mean any kind of party- up to, and including rock and roll. You need to provide two photos of your design, one full length and one close up, along with your entry form and a small entry fee by May 1, 2014. Each company will choose 3 semi-finalists, and request garments to be mailed in for evaluation. Photos will be placed on Facebook to be crowned "peoples choice" by number of "like" votes, winning $100 in product from the associated pattern company. Each of those winners then go on to compete against each other for the grand prizes as mentioned in the image above.

To learn about the companies involved, visit http://patterncompanies.com/
To download the rules, entry form, or pay the entry fee, visit http://www.sewchicpatterns.com/
home page, lower left hand side you will find the links.

On behalf of the IPCA, we would like to thank all of the sponsoring companies who support our sewing and design challenge with the donations of really great prizes. Because we are all small independently owned pattern companies, mathematically speaking, YOU have really great odds of winning them! 

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