Thursday, April 17, 2014

Skirts with Bows

I love this dress! I don't know why, but it feels like Paris Fashion and Audrey Hepburn all rolled into one. The style is classic yet original, and there is no getting lost in a sea of look-a-likes cause you'll never see another one quite like it. Let me introduce you to Myrtlewood, # 7401, the very first pattern I published, plucked from the many styles in my Gowns by Laura collection for the Audrey/Parisian Fashionista!

No doubt, this style makes a bold statement. You likely find yourself with a strong reaction to that bow, but the dress would be nothing without it. Think of this dress with only a flat band. BORING. A slightly smaller bow might be okay, but would it really sell the style? With design, I can sometimes feel it's best to "go big or go home."  No statement can be worse than boring. I decided to look up this idea of skirts and bows and found them everywhere! Take a look:

Pauline Alice (who happens to be from FRANCE!), now a pattern company, made this custom skirt that sold on Etsy. (For patterns, see
I found this skirt with a big bow on

There are a whole lot of big bows going on in the Ready-to-Wear world also. See the line up below:

This is the beauty of sewing: YOU decide how big the bow should be. Happy Bow Making! See more photos and get your Myrtlewood pattern here:

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