Thursday, February 6, 2014

The full bust adjustment in 10 easy steps

We might think there is enough information out there about the FULL BUST ADJUSTMENT, affectionately known as the FBA, but it's fair to say the the majority of questions I get from students in my Craftsy class are centered on this very important alteration. To try and clear up any confusion you might have about how to do this adjustment, I've made up a hand out showing how to do this alteration, in 10 EASY steps.
  • Get the alteration measurements from a cup size chart
  • Using my Tia pattern, I show you how to do the alteration step by step
  • This method is the same for all princess seam patterns. 
  • This downloadable instruction is more detailed that the class video. 
 Whether or not you need to do this alteration, I will leave for another post !

 Link to the handout from my website here:

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