Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sewing Up the New Year & Blogger Resolutions

This is a good year to make a new goal. I like goals, but don't particularly like resolutions. Why is that? To me, resolutions feel so firm and inflexible, while goals feel friendly and flexible. I feel that as long as the effort is directed toward the objective, the goal is all but met, even if it takes a while. Because I've never been much like the rabbit of the Tortoise and the Hare Children's Fable, I very much identify with the turtle that eventually wins the race. He is constant and sure, making daily strides to make it to the end.  I like that.

Speaking of daily strides, this year I haven't been very good about blog posting.  I haven't made daily strides...nor weekly strides, or even monthly strides (!!), mostly because I don't collect ideas in advance, and I don't want  to post about topics that are already plentiful. Once my daughter told me that I should write about my work, that people want to "follow" me to see what I do and how I do it. My work life is not that exciting, trust me!

What I do need is a theme to keep me on track- not just a goal of posting on my blog, but a purpose for posting. Wednesday will be my target day of the week, and here is a schedule I think I can be excited about:

week 1 Dressmaker School
week 2 Product Review
week 3 Vintage Embellishments
week 4 Current Events
(and if there is a 5th week in the month)
week 5 Guest Post

Week one will be centered around fitting/altering/sewing techniques for the dressmaker. Week two product reviews could be about my products, vintage tools, or some other product that you and I might find useful. On week three, I will showcase a vintage garment or photo with an embellishment or detail that could be used or added to something you are making, and if need be, show you how to do it. Week four is when I can mention something I am currently doing/working on, or an event coming up. If there is a fifth week in the month, I'll look for a post worth sharing, or perhaps ask someone to write a post for us. Next week I will start with the schedule, this intro post taking up the "5th" week spot.

What do you think?  It's a lot to take in, writing every week, but with your help, may I resolve to accomplish my goal!


  1. Hi, Laura! Happy New Year!
    well, I'm with you... I can totally identify myself in your words - I don't post on my blog if it's not something I really think worth showing! So, you have my support, it sound like a very good plan :)
    Mary @

  2. I think it is great idea. Cannot wait to see the vintage garments or new ideas/techniques.

  3. Great plan! I look forward to it!

  4. Having a plan is a great start. I look forward to your inspiring posts.


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