Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sewing Pattern Mix & Match

What do you get when you merge the Tia Bodice (LN1312)  the Beatrice Skirt and Sleeve (LN1310)
and the Phantom Cuff (LN1106) ?  More style options.

I'm working on a class for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo, and the ASG conference called the "mix and match" wardrobe for patterns. So many of us  like to change patterns or tweak them just a little. Maybe you don't care for the sleeve, or you wish it had a different neckline, or you want to change the skirt etc. If you've tried to switch out pattern pieces, merging two or more patterns together, you may have seen your fair share of disappointments. Mixing brands and even styles within a brand can be really tricky. I'm going give some pointers, what to avoid, and how to do a more difficult mix with patterns to get a successful merge.

As you might guess, my patterns are simple to merge, as they are all designed to be mix and match. I'm working on making up just a few of the many mix and match options available because it's easier to love when you can see it made up in front of you.

This dress isn't finished, so I've done a rough pin together job for you as a sneak peek into what this mix and match wardrobe could look like.

This dress is a mix of the Constance Bodice (LN8404) and Tia Skirt (LN 1312) without pockets. It's   made from a dotted Challis Rayon from Mike Cannety Textiles. I think it's adorable. What do you think?

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  1. Looking forward to your SewExpo talk (8:30am? Golly). Hope you have a great time!


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