Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Pieced Skirt using the Starter Pattern

This week I did a photo shoot with my model, and boy did we pick a lovely day for it. The sun was shinning and the air was cold but clear. For just a day we thought it was Spring, tromping around with our rack of clothes and a camera for 5 hours. We got some beautiful pictures! My pieced skirt is one that I can share with you now. I did this pattern especially for the ASG conference in LA, Aug. 2011.

It is the ultimate for those of you who love quilting or want total creativity and control, and is very earth friendly!
  • The textile pattern was created digitally on my computer using Photoshop, so the the colors in the two fabrics match perfectly.
  • The fabric was then printed directly onto my  prepared-for-printing 100% cotton fabric using my standard inkjet printer. (YES! It's machine washable!)
  • The size of the skirt pieces were purposely sized small enough to fit onto a standard size page, and to eliminate waste.
  • I turned my textile pattern to look bias while printing on the fabric grain.
  • I used scrap fabric that would have otherwise been tossed out.
  • The expense went into the 100% silk organza on the bottom, which makes this skirt look fabulous!

It all started with the Starter Skirt, #1000, view A. Instead of using one of the waistbands, I used bias binding to finish off the waist. Watch that finished waist measurement though, as it will easily stretch out of shape.

I encourage you to try this yourself! Be sure to use a simple style, whatever you make.

For those of you short on time and just interested in learning how to make and print your own digital fabrics, great for quilting and other piece work (like this skirt), I've made a CD with this fabric print on it, along with more than 300 digital vintage prints arranged by era taken from actual fabric, and a tutorial for how to make your own fabric designs at

If you want to make this exact skirt, I sell the whole kit through Etsy. You get everything you need to make the skirt from scratch just like I did, the original pattern, the pieced pattern, the CD with files for printing the fabric, the bubblejet to prepare the material for printing. The only thing you will need is the fabric!

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