Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is a Facing? Know your terms.

My sister asked me that question not long ago. Having a correct understanding of terms is pretty important, because these groups of words  that have a special designation are essential shortcuts for us. We can explain with one word what could take many sentences to say. If one or both people use or understand the word differently or don't know the meaning, then you can guess what might come next.

Sewing Cartoon: Death By Unfinished Object

Is the cartoonist saying that a Burda pattern - which is German made- is her means of death!? I hope not.

As a for instance, do you know the difference between rouching and shirring? How about interlining and interfacing? Pleats and gathers? A facing and a lining?

The internet has much good and useful information, but having a good quality book ready at hand is a good solution for understanding terms and technique and the proper way to execute them. Here is the book I recommend to my students: 
Yes, it's even the 1976 version. See how I save you money?? This book has everything about sewing that you'll ever need to know. If a pattern has you confused, this book can get you through it, step by tiny step, and get you sewing better than anything you'll find on the internet.

I was going to do terms quiz for you, but haven't the time today. Maybe next week. But here's an 8th grade quiz that will be a good start and could be kind of fun. Are you "smarter than an 8th grader"?


  1. Just took the quiz. Got 30 out of 32. Not too bad, but boy did I feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. I will be looking for that book, hopefully so I can start to learn the proper terminology! Thanks for the fun!

  2. 28 out of 32... I don't use commercial patterns so don't know the markings :(

    But couldn't agree more on the everyone ought to have at least one good sewing book. I bought the 2002 Readers Digest for my daughter... it is good!


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