Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sew Chic Pattern Review in Threads Magazine

This week at the end of a phone order for the Phantom pattern, the caller says "You know Threads Magazine had a review of your pattern in this months issue." My voice brightens "You don't think I would MISS that do you?"  I knew the review was coming, but I didn't know what the review would say, or if it would be......left unprinted. The truth is I could very easy miss a review of another sort, if someone didn't mention it, so thank you to that customer who took the time to call in her order so she could tell me. How could she have known that inside my  mailbox last weekend was a huge manila envelope with this really spiffy folder:

Inside the folder was a letter congratulating me on the upcoming review, and along with two other sewing magazines published by Taunton, was the current Threads Magazine with a marker for a quick turn to the review: 

What? You say you'd like a closer look? Well, okay if you insist...

Not all reviews gets a photo of the outfit, so that was special too. I love to see the pattern come to life, and this ensemble is definitely modern chic. I love the wool they used for the pants. The review gives it a "challenging techniques" icon, probably because the jacket/shirt assembly is compatible with sheer fabrics. All but the center back, side, and armscye seams are enclosed. I used a serge on mine, but a french seam  would be top notch quality.
In this magazine was another bonus: Threads did an article on independent pattern companies. The caller hadn't read the article yet, but had noticed the Spin Skirt in the cover photo. It was truly an honor to be numbered among so many talented and skillful pattern makers.
 What did my family think? My son noticed his sister's face, barely visible in the corner, and exclaimed "Elise is famous!"

Ahhhh, trumped again. 

Please, if you write or see a review of one of  my patterns, do tell me about it. I wouldn't want to miss that!


  1. Congratulations! I'll have to actually LOOK at my Threads this month!

  2. Congratulations! Threads isn't in our local store yet but I can't wait to get it. You must be thrilled.


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