Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pick Your Pattern Giveaway

Happy New Year to everyone!
Counting the years is our way of marking time, and reviewing our progress. The door to 2011 is now open and it is my hope that the year will bring good things for all of us!

Over the last several months I've been tweaking my website in big and small ways. I gave the shop page a new format, making it easier to add and see all the patterns. I also gave each pattern it's own page. I got the pages loaded late last night (my new years celebration), and in my haste, I haven't checked all the links yet, so let me know if you see something amiss.

**Pattern Giveaway**

Here is what you really came here for: My new years pattern giveaway. This year you can win any pattern of your choice.

First, go to my newly styled shop page:

and decide which pattern you'd most like to try. Write a message to me from the contact us page:

and tell me which pattern you've decided on. If I get at least 40 entries, I'll choose two winners (1 winner for every 20 people theoretically) which will increase your chances of winning, so tell your sewing friends about this giveaway! On the contact page is a radio button asking if you'd like to join the mailing list. This is NOT required to win a pattern. However, only one entry per person. If you entry twice, one will be deleted! Also, your entry will be voided if your contact information is invalid or incorrect. The contest deadline is Jan 8th. I'll notify winners Jan 10, and post names on FaceBook. Thank you, and good luck!


Congratulations to the giveaway winners: Eileen Mitchell: Myrtlewood, Christina Burke: Pendleton, Mandie Murk: Southern Belle, and Cindy Hansen, Cloche hat. Jennifer Kubenka and Molly Holleran both won the Fantasia pattern. Thank you everyone for your participation. I look forward to doing this again this time next year!

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