Friday, October 16, 2009

A dress design for Mom

I am embarrassed to say that it has taken me some 3 years to finish sewing up this dress for my mother. She will be very pleased to know that she finally has a new dress to wear!

Being near to 70 years old, it's very difficult for her to find styles that fit, flatter, and that she really likes wearing. Every now and again I try to get a dress made for her that she can really love, but this time there were so many bumps in the road that I set it aside for long periods of time to wait for inspiration.

On the left was the original concept. I found that with this contrast fabric, the original collar just didn't look right as it was too much contrast for an asymmetrical style. There wasn't enough fabric extra to accommodate much in the way of style changes. Then mom lost weight, about 25 lbs, which meant altering everything from side seams to darts. I'm glad to have it finally finished, and simple as it is, mom will love it.

Congratulation mom! You finally have a new dress to go with your new figure!

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