Friday, August 19, 2016

Getting the Scoop on Simplicity 8167

Designing Simplicity 8167

I know, I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and longer yet since you’ve seen a new release from me for Simplicity, but here it is, #8167!

My favorite photo of Simplicity 8167
 Having been in the pattern business since 1927, a household name like Simplicity doesn't build up a corporate empire by blindly investing in just anyone! So, with that first design (Simplicity 1061) we all waited through the seasons to see how it was received. Thanks to you, my wonderful supporters, it was a hit (thank you!) and from here on out you can expect a fairly regular stream of designs in the Simplicity catalog! You can also always find my latest and newest designs on my website.


It seems that this newest style for Simplicity  (a June release they call early autumn), # 8167, didn’t need much of a push from me. Three weeks into the release I went to my local JoAnn Fabric Store to find my top rack was completely sold out and the drawer space nearly empty. Simplicity has also put this design on their front page! Of all the new designs for this season, they chose mine!! What a thrill!

Since the release, some of you eagle eyes out there have asked me about the similarity to an earlier design I call Southern Belle. I am honored that there are some of you who know my pattern line that well…and the answer is YES! This design was actually Simplicity's first choice. I have been selling it for a very long time, so it was time to give it new life with Simplicity. As a result, Southern Belle has been removed from my line and will be an exclusive with them.

 Simplicity 8167 is a variation of this third pattern I designed for my company back in 2008. There are only a few differences, the main one being sizing. All the patterns I design for Simplicity are built to match their size chart, not my Sew Chic chart. Also, the neckline is square in front, the skirt is slightly less full, and the decoration is a rose and ribbon pin you make (or buy), not a ribbon belt like Southern Belle.

This dress for Simplicity is made of eyelash lace (google it!) which is basically a fancy lace stripe.  It must be matched like you would match any stripe or plaid. Eyelash lace is usually printed with the stripe parallel to the selvage, so you will need a bit more fabric and may need to turn your pattern to the cross grain for layout. Need more tips for making this dress? Shall we make a Holiday dress together?

 I have offered to do a 4-week Sew Along for this pattern from September 19 - October 12. But in order for me to divert my attention from my long To-Do list, I want to make sure there is enough interest. If there are at least 200 sewing enthusiasts that sign up between now and September 5, I will do another video/blog post style sew along. It will be free, so if you'd like to make this dress with me, sign up now by entering your email address and name here.

Get your pattern at your local Joann Fabric or on the Simplicity website. And whether you join me in the Sew Along or just make one on your own, don't forget to send me a picture!

UPDATE: 8/21/16
I forgot to mention something everyone can look forward to- next season (winter 2016/17) Simplicity will be expanding the size range, and with the Summer Catalog (2017) I will be adding plus to the size range!

Happy Sewing,