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"Mixing Patterns" Article in Threads magazine

Threads Inspires with Reader-Written Expertise

Make it Yours
What do you do when you picture a garment in your mind but can't find just what you are looking for in the pattern catalogs? Ever tried putting two (or more) patterns together? It may sound intimidating, but it can be done. My article "Mixing Patterns" walks you through the steps of combining two patterns to create that perfect piece.
Let's say you don't like the sleeve on your pattern. You want it bigger, smaller, longer, whatever. Wouldn't you just take a sleeve from another pattern and try to edge and ease it into place any way you could without another thought? There is a better way, and that's what my article is all about.

Here's part of the article. Get the magazine to read the whole thing!

How many of you read Threads magazine? It's one of my all-time favorites and one I've subscribed to for many years. In fact, my collection goes all the way back to 1998. But the current issue is special because the dress I made (for the article) is on the cover. I really liked the way it turned out, and they did a wonderful job with the photos- they came out fabulous. How lucky am I?? Thanks Threads! You guys are great!

Decades of Design

My favorite cover. Ever.

Why do I like Threads?
It's a magazine for designers. And that's who we are! Whether you're a veteran like me who starts with an idea and takes it to finished product, or someone who is passionate about sewing but maybe just wants to embellish a garment or learn a new technique, there really is something for both the beginning and the advanced sewists. I certainly don't try everything suggested, but every issue definitely sparks my imagination, and the articles are always interesting.

One of my favorite features is "UpClose" on the back cover. Each issue shows a garment with some kind of unique detail. Then there's an up-close picture of the detail. Even better, inside the magazine are often instructions on how to do it yourself!

UpClose from March 2008

Specializing in Original
We love vintage details and embellishments. Whether designed decades ago (remember Nicholas Ungar: Vintage Treasure Hunt?) or of more recent origin, Threads is full of ideas that inspire me. Why? Because you don't see these ideas in every store, in every mall. Last year while attending a conference in Las Vegas I went shopping. I hadn't really shopped for about a year. And, boy, I wasn't inspired. Every store had the same pink and tan separates! That's fine if you want to look like every other gal -- lace booty shorts anyone? But I'm looking for something a little more original. Threads gives me something surprising and wonderful with each issue.

Waist detail from the March 1998 issue.

Hands On Expertise
Reader-written, the articles are full of suggestions for sewists at all levels. The articles show and tell you how to master both basic and advanced techniques. With time and practice, you can improve your sewing skills so you'll be able to achieve the look you want with greater ease. Teaching each other is a great way to minimize the learning curve! Don't forget to use my Sewing Tips & Techniques page as another source for the tricks of our trade.

Learn to love zippers!

Need some tips on hand stitching? Here they are!

Sewing projects don't have to take weeks!

If you also love Threads (or are now thinking you should), what would you like to see featured? They have asked me to, and I would love to write another article, so let me know your ideas!

Where do you get inspiration and how do you express it? I've said it before (and I'll keep saying it) -- I love to see what you've made! Keep those pictures coming.

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  1. I buy Threads sometimes - it iI don't say always because I have such a stash of Burdas, Neue Modes, La mia Boutique etc that I have toi really discriminate - so I don't buy any p0attern mags any more unless there's at least one amazing or two useful patterns - doesn't happen much any more, I tend to prefer indies like you:). Threads I buy if there's at least one useful article - and to be honest when I saw there was an article by you I didn't even flick through - just bought it - because your instructions and patterns are so brilliant:). Loved this article.

    1. Your criteria for purchasing a magazine is smart, and thank you for your sweet compliments! I'm glad you liked the article, and I hope you will find a use for that information at some point. Your comments will definitely keep my spirits up!


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