Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sew Chic Pattern Giveaway? YES!

Share Your Sew Chic Makes with Us!
Maybe you've been coveting Ginseng or itching to get your hands on Southern Belle. How about picking your favorite Sew Chic pattern and having it delivered to your mailbox? Free.

If that sounds good, read on.

I share with you my second takes and pattern variations, but I'm not the only one with good ideas. I am inspired by what others are creating too. Many of you do write to me and share photos, but I know there are more out there than I know about. We all want to see: what have done with your Sew Chic designs? How did you make it yours? Some indie designers give patterns away prior to publicity and reviews, so why not do that for everyone? If you've had a good experience, you'll naturally want to tell others. Right?

My friend Monica wearing Tia.
This is how it works: Make up your pattern, then make your experience available to the public between now and December 31, 2015. This means post the process or your finished piece on Facebook or your blog. Maybe you prefer Pinterest or Instagram. Whatever gets it out there works! 

Give me permission to share your experiences (along with where to find them), let me know which Sew Chic pattern you want, and it's yours.

I am super excited to see what you have all done! And don't forget that I have lots of posts for resizing and how to make many other adjustments. Remember my Fantasia Dress Variation?

This giveaway lasts only through the end of this year, but as soon as you send me your links, your pattern preference, and mailing address, we will send out your new pattern to thank you for your effort. Only one offer per address please.

Thanks for supporting Vintage!

Happy Sewing and SHARING!,

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