Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Almost HERE!

Are you tired of hearing about Craftsy yet? No? This is GREAT because it's a big job getting everything ready to go, and I'm still not done yet. Yesterday several BIG boxes were delivered to me with all the patterns to be mailed to students.

The content is exactly the same, and still comes in a zip style bag, but the packaging has been formatted to fit a smaller envelope. My instructions normally come in booklet form, so if you're a fan of the sheet style sewing guide, you won't be disappointed:
I love that the pattern is in blue print.

I've been working on my mailing list email, and the Craftsy list email, and setting up class links set up and getting oriented to the Craftsy class page so that I know how to answer all of your questions and we can have a great interactive experience.

This is the last week of the class giveaway, which end Oct 8, 2013, so get your name in the drawing soon!

To give you more insight into the Craftsy site and purpose, I found this great link to an interview with the Craftsy VP that I can recommend:

I can't tell you HOW soon it is, but the class will be ready SOON, and you'll be one of the first to know.


  1. The excitement is building fast. All the best Laura.

  2. Oh, yes:). This is one class I shan't hesitate to take - after using a couple of your patterns I am positive it will be amazing. And I love that it won't be one of those darn "download PDF pattern" classes :)!

  3. I am so excited. Just ordered the pattern online today now going to check my stash for the perfect fabric I have been keeping for a special dress.p

  4. Laura I ordred your wiggle dress pattern in hopes I could work along on your Craftsy class making the wiggle dress. My age and plus size figure would better suit the wiggle dress. Can you see this being a problem?

  5. The class in now being offered on


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