Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here I come, Sew Expo Puyallup!

Did you get your Sewing and Stitchery Expo- THE sew expo of all expos in Puyallup, WA- brochure in the mail this week? If not, then you can download it online here
but let me warn you that it's 42 pages big and packed full of almost every kind of sewing class you can think of taught by all your favorite famous and some not so famous seamsters, from Nancy Zieman! This show is not an easy one to get in to, especially to teach. The show producers carefully screen all participants, both teachers and vendors to ensure you get quality teachers and products that will be new, interesting, and well rounded.
I will be teaching a 1 needle class on Friday and Sunday at 1:30 called "Contemporary Vintage." We will be discussing vintage patterns, and through the years how they differ from modern patterns in terms of fit, instruction, and the techniques they use and expect you will already know. I submitted and resubmitted several class proposals, then edit and re-edit the final selection. Writing this little blurb is harder than you think!
 On the free stage I'll be doing a short presentation on eveningwear. I have a model coming to show you some of the best designs that have been in juried competitions, and I'll talk about the specialty of constructing eveningwear, and answer any questions you may have. Very conveniently, on Saturday I'll also be participating in the American Sewing Guild fashion show. Being a member has it's perks!
On the website is a link to speaker biographies. 52 pages are listed by name in alphabetical order, putting me right below the very talented Mary Mulari. I remember her teaching very clever crafts on Nancy Zieman's TV sewing show when I was first starting out in my professional career in the late 1980's. I could never schedule my day so that I could watch it, but it's quite an honor to be on the same page with her now!

If you've ordered anything from me for the last 6 months you would have received a "save the date" bookmark. I'm now holding all new designs until the show, so I hope you too are making plans to be there with me February 28-March 30, 2013. You can expect to see many of the same sewing experts, and others that are new. Together we can make this into one of the best venues for the new generation of sewists.  Do you go every year? Will you be there this year? What other changes do you see, or would you like to see?

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