Monday, March 22, 2010

Careers in Fashion?

Last week I gave a presentation on careers in fashion at a local Charter School. Once a month they invite a member of the community to talk about a career that students are interested in. The group was made up of all enrolled middle and high school aged kids, perhaps 30 in all. They were polite and friendly. They participated in both asking and answering questions. I asked how much money they thought a designer made. Of course they assumed a range, depending on how well known a designer was, but they were surprised to know that couture cannot support itself with clothing sales alone. Perfume sales are the cash cow for that sector. The other thing they were surprised to know is that at some schools, apparel design is a science degree, not art. There is a good amount of math required in pattern making. I asked how many student knew how to sew. Two students raised their hands, a boy and a girl. That's not a very good percentage. I think they might be needing a home ec. teacher.